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Massachusetts Day in Sapporo

Business trips in a Japan are serious business. First, formal documents must be drawn up well in advance (purpose of trip, itinerary etc.) and passed around from desk to desk receiving a “Hanko” (a kind of personalized stamp used in Japan that acts like a signature) from each person in a long chain of command. […]

New Website Format

  Hi! Welcome to the newly formatted “ConcordNanae.com”.  If you’ve visited this site before, you’ve probably noticed it looks quite a bit different lately!  By changing the site’s appearance I am hoping to provide a more visual experience for readers.  Friends back home often ask me, “what’s Japan/Hokkaido/Nanae like?”  and conversely, I often find Japanese […]

Nanae’s 2013 Fall Concord Delegation

On Tuesday, December 18th at the Nanae Culture Center, we held our final debriefing session for the 2013 autumn delegation trip to Concord.  Family, friends, school principals and teachers all came to listen to this year’s delegation members talk about their experience in Concord. This year’s delegation trip (including travel time) spanned from October 1st […]