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Sister Cities Ep 7 Sneak Peek

By Ben Mirin, CIR September 25th, 2011: An interview shot during last year’s historic community concert between the Nanae and Concord-Carlisle High School bands. Featuring Susan Erickson and Robin Cicchetti Stay tuned for the next episode, in which I’ll sit down with beloved Nanae Band Director, Katsuyuki Onodera-sensei. We’ll be talking about the concert, and […]

Sci-Fi Delegation: A Great Success

Hello everyone, This year’s visit to Nanae by the CCHS Sci-Fi Club was tremendously successful, and here’s some visual proof! Check out Dr. David Nurenberg’s blog documenting the Sci-Fi trip around Japan: http://cchsjapantrip2012.wordpress.com/ You can also view a compilation of Dr. Nurenberg’s and my photos in the photo gallery, an alternate set of photos exclusively […]

Science-Fiction and Agriculture: Concord Delegation Finalized for April 2012

By Ben Mirin, CIR In place of this week’s episode of “Sister Cities,” I bring you an exciting update (the import of which should explain why there will also be no Sister Cities episode on Friday, April 13th, but look for more delegation updates around that time!): This week, Nanae’s International Relations section has finalized […]

Remembering March 11th

By Ben Mirin Nothing reveals the true character and strength of a nation like a disaster. I would never wish such a horrible catastrophe on any people of the world, but as a foreigner living in Japan during the March 11th earthquake, I do consider myself lucky, lucky to have witnessed the incredible resolve of […]